Food Industry & Diagnostics Specialties

The basic and primary condition for the success of every company in the Food and Nourishment Industry, is the guarantee of its products' safety and quality.

In cooperation with the most accomplished professionals and with many years of experience in the field of Diagnostics, we supply the Greek and Balkan Market with products and solutions for the Food Industry and the Diagnostics Laboratories, for the quality control of food.

We provide tests and consumables for the Detection of:

Mycotoxins Genetically Modified
Organisms (GMO)

Allergens Veterinary Drug
Residues / Pesticides

Chemicals / Metals Microorganisms

We also provide a wide range of Substances' Standards for Mycotoxins and Medicine / Pesticide Residues and all the necessary Laboratory Equipment for all the above measurements, as well as Moisture Meters for Food / Grain and Biofuels.