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Plate Processing Equipment

We offer a wide variety of solvent washable Photopolymer Plate Processing equipment.

The equipment we offer are designed and manufactured in Germany, in close cooperation with Flint Group (ex BASF) and constitute an ideal solution for the production of Flexographic Printing Plates (cliché).

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Nyloflex® Combi F II

(for plates up to 660 x 810 mm in size)

Nyloflex® Combi F II

Compact all-in-one system that offers complete plate processing in one unit (exposing, washing, drying). Specifically, it offers:

  • 20 memory programs for both exposure and light finisher

  • Automatic temperature regulation

  • Automatic solvent replenishment

  • Digital touch screen

  • Efficient exhaust system

  • Defective lamp detection

  • Easy replacement of tubes in pull-out drawer

  • Individual timers for each of the four drying drawers

  • User friendly / easy to operate

  • Integrated heating / chilling device for temperature control of washout solvent

  • High automation for easy processing

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Nyloflex® Combi F III Exposure / Dryer / Light Finisher

(for plates up to 1020 x 1200 mm in size)

Nyloflex® Combi F III Exposure / Dryer / Light Finisher
  • Exposure unit with UV-A tubes for post exposure as well as UV-C tubes for light finishing

  • Four drying drawers with individual drying time settings and count down facility

  • 20 memory programs for both back and main exposure / 20 memory programs for both post exposure and light finishing

  • Operating status of each tube is displayed

  • Temperature controlled vacuum plate (integrated temperature control unit)

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Nyloflex® Flowline Washer F III

(for plates up to 1020 x 1200 mm in size)

Nyloflex® Flowline Washer F III
  • Automated brush height setting for optimum brush pressure according to the plate thickness, resulting in a faster washout speed (particularly with thin plates), less plate swelling and less mechanical stress

  • Standby mode allows automatic feed of the next plate

  • Excellent productivity and accurate results

  • Intelligent exhaust system reduces emission rates and consumption of solvent (especially alcohol)

  • Cost effective due to the effective use of the solvents

  • Simple operation with a digital touch screen

  • Low noise level during operation

  • Excellent reliability and long service life

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