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Label Printing
with ADSI Axxis

Printing with Flexo

We offer a wide variety of consumables for Label Printing professionals, covering every need that arises by using a Flexographic (Flexo) Printing Unit.

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The Consumables are divided in the following categories:

Photopolymer Printing Plates

Turn your print runs into works of art

Solvent and water washable Photopolymer Plates, of the highest quality and specifications. The nyloflex® and nyloprint® series of German manufacture, are ideal for all kinds of Flexo, Letterpress and Pad Printing, as well as other techniques. A necessary tool for every professional Label Printer.

Solvent washable Printing Plates (Flexo) Nyloflex®

Solvent washable Plates

To significally increase the quality level of your Flexo print runs, we offer a wide range of Photopolymer Plates, in accordance with the standards and demands of the modern industry.

All of our Printing products are under continuous technological developement, in order to be able to guarantee high printing speeds, together with the best possible results.

We offer Solvent washable Plates:

  • Conventional
  • Digital

>You can view our solvent washable photopolymer plates here

Water washable Printing Plates Nyloprint®

Nyloprint® Printing Plates - the perfect master for a work of art. As varied as the requirements are today, as comprehensive the nyloprint product range is, to provide you with every opportunity.

We offer Conventional and Digital water washable Printing Plates, suitable for:

Water washable Plates
  • Label Printing

  • Tubes, cups and cans Printing

  • Security Printing

  • Pad Printing

  • Embossing and hot moulding

  • Digital Processing

> You can view our water washable photopolymer plates here

Flexographic Plate Production

Solvents for wash out of washable Photopolymeric Plates


Film Cleaning Solvents

For the cleaning of films before their use for the main exposure of the printing plates.

Exposure Unit Consumables

  • Vacuum Foil for the Exposure Unit and Scattering Tapes
  • Special UV-A and UV-C lamps for the Exposure Unit

Consumables for the Distillation Unit

  • Solvent Distillation Bags
  • Diathermic oil
  • Gaskets, etc

Printing Inks & Varnishes (Conventional & UV)

Printing Inks and Varnishes

In cooperation with the most established companies world-wide, we supply the Printing and Packaging Industries with a complete range of Printing Inks and Varnishes::

UV / Waterbased FlexoUV Screen
UV LetterpressUV Offset

Our Inks and Varnishes are:

  • Suitable for all printing needs and applications (paper printing, packaging and special packaging for food).

  • Fully in line with market requirements, in terms of performance and cost.

  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly production technologies without posing risks to humans.

UV Flexo Inks: Conventional UV, Low Odor & Low Migration, Cationic, Special Inks for Wrap Around labels and Shrink Sleeves

Water based Inks Conventional, For thermal paper

UV Varnishes: Conventional UV, Low Odor & Low Migration

Printing Units' Consumables

Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning

Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning 2

We offer high quality dry wash and wet wash Non-woven Cleaning Rolls.

Designed for the optimal cleaning of the printing units.

- Combination of polyester fibers (45%) and wood pulp (55%)
- Excellent absorbency and cleaning power
- Smooth surface, extremely soft to avoid damage
- All rolls are subjected to continuous quality control

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals

We offer a wide range of Cleaning Chemicals for the Press and Pre-press departments, for cylinders and accessories, industrial flooring and other applications.

- For UV and Water based Inks
- For periodic and deep cleaning

Anilox Cleaning Brushes

Anilox Cleaning Brushes For Ceramic Anilox
- with stainless steel fibers

For Chrome Anilox
- with bronze fibers

Our high-quality Anilox Cleaning Brushes, are one of the most effective maintenance tools in matters of cost and performance. With a good brush, cleaning is faster and contributes to the proper functioning of the printing machines.

The fibers of the brush have a diameter of less than 1 millimeter (mm), so that they can penetrate the base of the anilox cells and produce results beyond expectations!

Anilox Rollers

Anilox Rollers
- A revolutionary cell design system

EFLOTM - a new, revolutionary cell design that guarantees better ink transfer and reduces the risk of anilox clogging.

By increasing the number of the roller's cell walls, the EFLO system brings you a higher printing quality, both for solid printing, as well as small characters.

Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades

The high quality knives we offer, are suitable for all flexographic applications, ensuring clear printing, less splatter and the maximum protection of the anilox rollers.

Doctor Blades

Flexible Dies

Flexible Dies

Our Flexible and Solid Dies are tools of the highest precision, manufactured mechanically and guaranteeing the best results, quality and product longevity. Specially manufactured for the Label Printing Industry.

Additional Printing / Finishing Consumables:

  • Flexible Dies
  • Hot & Cold Stamping Rollers
  • Magnetic Rollers
  • Printing Rollers

UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Our UV Lamps are designed and manu- factured specifically for the direct replacement of lamps, or for the special needs of machinery manufacturers all around the world.

Rubber Rollers / Printing Sleeves

Label Printing Rubber Rollers

Our Label Printing Rubber Rollers are UV Resistant and are manufactured with exact surface and diameter specifications. The simultaneous use of the proper washout solvent (enquire about this), guarantees maximum operation time.

Label Printing Rubber Rollers

Lamination Sleeves (Sleeve Rubber Rollers)

Lamination Sleeves (Sleeve Rubber Rollers)

Rubber Type: EPDM

Description: Κονικά Μανίκια για Μηχανές Λαμιναρίσματος

Shore A: 75-80

Conical value of the inner sleeve: 0.2mm/m

Recommended cleaning: %50 ethylacetate, %50 alcohol

Rubber Covered Mandrels

Rubber Type: EPDM

Description: For Solvent based procedures in lamination

Shore A: 75 (+- 3)

Conical value of the inner sleeve: 0.2mm/m

Recommended cleaning %50 ethylacetate,%50 alcohol

Rubber Covered Mandrels

Other Consumables

  • UV Lamination Adhesives
  • Heat Seal Adhesives for Shrink Sleeves

Hot & Cold Stamping Consumables

  • Hot & Cold Stamping Foil
  • UV Adhesives for Cold Stamping
  • Self-adhesive blanket for Hot Stamping Units