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Label Printing
with ADSI Axxis

Printing with Offset

We offer a wide variety of consumables for Label Printing professionals, covering every need that arises by using an Offset Printing Unit.

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The Consumables are divided in the following categories:

Consumables for Offset Plate Production

Offset Plates by GPS

  • Conventional
    • Positive
    • Negative
    • High Sensitivity Computer-to-Conventional Plate (CtCP)
      for Luscher, Basisprint and other imagesetters
  • Digital
    • Thermal
    • Violet

Waterless Offset Plates (in cooperation with Ernst)

Waterless Negative

Offset Plate Development

  • Developer
  • Finisher
  • Chemicals for Waterless Offset Plates

Consumables for the Offset Plate Exposure Unit

  • UV Lamps for the Exposure Unit

UV Printing Inks

  • Συμβατικά UV
  • Low Odor & Low Migration

UV Varnishes

  • Flexo Station
    • Conventional
    • Low Odor & Low Migration
  • Ink

Other Printing Unit Consumables

  • Printing Blankets by BIRKAN
  • Anilox Rollers
  • Doctor Blades by CBG
  • Printing / Finishing Spare Parts by WINK
    • Flexible and solid dies
    • Hot Stamping Cylinders
    • Magnetic Cylinders
    • Printing Cylinders
  • UV Lamps by PRIMARC
  • Rubber rollers by ASTEKS
  • Non Woven cleaning paper
  • Cleaning Chemicals for UV Inks and Varnishes, as well as Water based Inks, by Flexoclean and others, for:
    • Daily Usage
    • Periodic Usage (Deep Cleaning)
  • Offset Printing Chemicals (Ph/FountainSolution, etc)
  • ΙΡΑ Substitute

Hot & Cold Stamping Consumables

  • Hot & Cold Stamping Foil
  • UV Adhesives for Cold Stamping
  • Self-adhesive blanket for Hot Stamping Units