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Label Printing
with ADSI Axxis

Dry Offset Printing Plates

We offer a wide variety of Consumables for every professional need, when printing with Dry Offset Printing Units.

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Our Consumables are divided in the following categories:

Water washable Printing Plates

Nyloprint® water washable Photopolymer Plates

Nyloprint® Printing Plates - the perfect master for a work of art. As varied as the requirements are today, as comprehensive the nyloprint product range is, to provide you with every opportunity.

We offer Conventional and Digital water washable Printing Plates, suitable for:

Water washable Plates
  • Label Printing

  • Tubes, cups and cans Printing

  • Security Printing

  • Pad Printing

  • Embossing and hot moulding

  • Digital Processing

> You can view our water washable photopolymer plates here

Film Cleaning Solvents

Suitable for cleaning the film before its use for the main exposure of the plates.

Consumables for the Exposure Unit

  • Vacuum Foil and Scattering Tape
  • Special UVA Lamps