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Additional Consumables

Novacel Hellas Ltd covers the needs of the Offset Industry Professionals providing a wide variety of Consumables for the Printing Units and all the Printing Stages:

Printing / Rubber Blankets

Printing / Rubber Blankets

Our proposal for your Printing / Rubber Blankets is the alpha and the omega for every professional in the Offset Printing industry.

With long experience and constant research and development, our partner houses offer you a wide range of quality products for every Offset application. All the Blankets are converted in German production units and are ready for all press types.

For Webfed / Sheetfed units and other applications

The surface of each blanket is composed by different layers which grant the blanket special attributes

Printing / Rubber Blankets 2

The special surface of the blankets grants them increased durability, while it guarantees excellent printing quality.

It helps achieve perfect ink transfer with low dot gain and minimal concentration of ink and dust. This way, the intervals between consecutive washings drastically increase. At the same time, the Paper Release is optimised.

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals

We offer a wide range of Cleaning Chemicals for the Press and Pre-press departments, for cylinders and accessories, industrial flooring and other applications.

- For UV and Water based Inks
- For periodic and deep cleaning

Offset Press Chemicals (Ph / Fountain Solution κ.α.)

Offset Press Chemicals

Offset Press Chemicals

We offer a great variety of Press Chemicals, like Ph / FountainSolutions etc.

We also offer IPA Substitute and other chemicals suitable for all Offset Printing procedures.

Anilox Rollers

Anilox Rollers
- A revolutionary cell design system

EFLOTM - a new, revolutionary cell design that guarantees better ink transfer and reduces the risk of anilox clogging.

By increasing the number of the roller's cell walls, the EFLO system brings you a higher printing quality, both for solid printing, as well as small characters.

Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades

The high quality knives we offer, are suitable for all flexographic applications, ensuring clear printing, less splatter and the maximum protection of the anilox rollers.

Doctor Blades

UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Our UV Lamps are designed and manu- factured specifically for the direct replacement of lamps, or for the special needs of machinery manufacturers all around the world.

Offset Rollers

Sheet Offset Rollers

Sheet Offset Rollers

The rollers to be used for sheet ofset printing systems are manufactured according to the ofset printing requirements. The techinal parameters for rubber rollers to be used in ofset priting systems as identified by printing machine manufacturers are taken as basis. Therefore the technical properties of the rubber rollers found in every make and model are recorded.

Sheet Offset Rollers 2

Rubbers with suitable properties are used according to the ink type (conventional, mixed, UV, Hybrid). Please enquire for more information.

Web Offset Rollers

Web Offset Rollers

The web rollers are manufactured as heat and pressure resistant due to high operational speeds. They carry properties suitable fort he ink and water transfer.

Label Print Rollers

Label Print Rollers

The rollers used for label prints are UV resistant and manufactured with accurate diameter and surface properties.

The simultaneous use of a suitable washout solvent enables long operation periods.

For more information on our Offset products for Label Printing, please visit: Label Printing Consumables - Printing with Offset

Other Rollers

Other Rollers for Offset Units

We offer special Rollers:

- Adhesive

- Varnishes (Dispersion, UV)

- Ebonite

Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning

Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning Non-woven Rolls for surface cleaning 2

We offer high quality dry wash and wet wash Non-woven Cleaning Rolls.

Designed for the optimal cleaning of the printing units.

- Combination of polyester fibers (45%) and wood pulp (55%)
- Excellent absorbency and cleaning power
- Smooth surface, extremely soft to avoid damage
- All rolls are subjected to continuous quality control