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Label Printing
with ADSI Axxis

Offset Plates

We offer a wide variety of Consumables for every professional need, when printing with Offset Printing Units.

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Our Consumables are divided in the following categories:

Offset Plates

Conventional and Digital Offset Plates

We offer a wide series of Conventional & Digital Offset Plates of the X-treme series.

Backboned by long research and developement, our offet plates guarantee excellent value-for-money.

On Conventional Plates, we offer positive and negative plates according to the applied European and Chinese Standards (CC - Conventional China and CE - Conventional Europe).

Offset Plate Production

For CtP applications, we offer Thermal Plates - TC (Thermal China), able to process a wide range of chemicals while demanding minimum adjustments on the CtP Imager and Processor settings.

Offset Plates available gauges:
from 0,15 mm to 0,40 mm


  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Waterless Negative


  • Thermal
  • Thermal UV Resistant
  • Violet
  • Conventional for High Sensitivity for Digital Imagesetters BASSYPRINT, LEUCHNER
  • Waterless

Chemicals for Offset Plate Development

Offset Prepress Chemicals

Pre-press Chemicals

We offer a wide variety of Developing Chemicals for the Pre-press Department, guaranteed to give you clear, high quality and high resolution printings.

Also available: Developer, Finisher, Chemicals for Waterless

Consumables for Exposure Units (for Offset Plates)

UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Our UV Lamps are designed and manu- factured speciffically for the direct replacement of exposure units' lamps, or for the special needs of machinery manufacturers all around the world.