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Label Printing
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Printing Substrates

Novacel Hellas Ltd offers a wide variety of solutions in Printing Substrates, covering the needs of professionals in the Offset Industry. For any further information, please contact our Sales Department at

The Printing Substrates are divided in the following categories:

  • Paper and Carton
  • Adhesive Substrates for Label Printing
  • Special Laminated Products
  • POLYART Synthetic Substrates on behalf of ARJOBEX
  • Substrates for SHRINK SLEEVES
    • PVC
    • PET
  • Polypropylene Film
    • ΒΟΡΡ Film for IN MOULD LABEL printing
    • CAST ΡΡ Film for IN MOULD LABEL printing
  • PET Film (Polyester)
  • PVC Film

POLYART Synthetic Substrates

Polyart® - The extraordinary synthetic paper

Polyart Synthetic Paper

Witness the perfect marriage of paper and plastic with Polyart, the synthetic paper that's as printable as it is durable. Polyart's unique clay coating ensures print quality that's vivid and colorful.

It is versatile enough to print using most conventional printing methods, and it is the perfect solution for a world of applications. Plus, Polyart has the durability of plastic, so it stands up to water, weather, grease, chemicals, and it resists tearing in both directions.

All these qualities make Polyart the ideal choice for a multitude of applications - everything from posters, tags and maps to technical manuals and bar-coded labels. The possibilities are infinite.

So discover the one name that gives you millions of applications. Discover Polyart, the synthetic paper from Arjobex.

Polyart®. One Name. Millions of applications.

Polyart - Applications

You want it all: the durability of plastic, the printability of paper? With Polyart® synthetic papers you can finally have everything you want.

Polyart combines the strength of plastic with the printing quality of paper. Polyart stands up to water, grease, weather and chemicals; plus it beautifully reproduces all your most imaginative ideas. That means Polyart is the perfect solution for virtually any application. Our unique clay coating results in supremely vivid, rich colour and gives Polyart the versatility to print in a variety of sheet fed and web print technologies.

Polyart® adapts quickly to most printing processes, such as flexography, lithography, gravure, rotary letterpress, screen, as well as variable information systems such as thermal transfer, ion deposition, dot matrix, ink jet, etc.

Applications - Tags & Labels

Superb Versatility Offers Limitless Possibilities.

No matter what converting method you have in mind, Polyart® is ready to go to work for you. It can easily be scored, folded, perforated, varnished, foil blocked, stitched and more, using standard converting equipment.

Polyart is the perfect solution to develop new businesses in areas such as:

  • Tags & Labels
    (Polyart Digital labels, Wet Glue labels, Self-adhesive labels, IML labels, Tamper Evident labels)

  • Publishing and manuals

  • Maps

  • Long lasting printings

Technical Benefits

Polyart® is a natural for applications demanding the printability and converting characteristics of paper as well as the durability of plastic.

    Benefits of Polyart
  • Polyart® continues to maintain good print quality while withstanding a variety of hostile conditions.

  • Resistant to tearing and water, ideal for outdoor applications. Plus, because Polyart is resistant to seawater, it is perfect for drum labels, shipping labels, etc.

  • Resistant to oily substances and most chemical products (i.e. ammonia, caustic soda, isopropyl alcohol).

  • Smudge proof Thermal Transfer print, absorbent and resistant coating in wet environment.

  • Due to its special manufacturing process, it has no grain direction, which allows it to easily conform to shapes of bottles, and increases its foldability.

  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold, remaining dimensionally stable up to 60° C / 140° F and down to -60° C / -76° F.

  • Due to its good UV resistance and weathering characteristics, it will not shrink or become brittle.

  • Complies with specifications for toy regulations.

  • Can be Gamma irradiated for medical sterilization processing. After being sterilized, it is microbially clean.

  • Meets class 10 microchip clean room specifications.

  • Because of balanced physical properties, conforms well to irregular surfaces or very tight radii.

Recycle & Reuse

Polyart Recycle & Reuse

Polyart is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is therefore 100% recyclable in category 2 HDPE.

Technical Data

Refer to the links below for the Technical Specifications of the different types of Polyart Synthetic Paper:

- Polyart HS
- Polyart LLD
- Polyart STD
- Polyart S 185 (UV Inkjet)