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Plate Processing Equipment

We offer a wide variety of water washable Photopolymer Plate Processing equipment.

The equipment we offer are designed and manufactured in Germany, in close cooperation with Flint Group (ex BASF) and constitute an ideal solution for the production of Printing Plates (cliché) for Dry Offset.

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Letterpress Plate Processing Equipment- Nyloprint ®

Nyloprint® Combination CW 22 x 30

(for plates up to 220 x 300 mm in size)

Nyloprint® Combination CW 22 x 30

Small and complete unit for all stages of water based Plate Processing, of dimensions up to 22 x 30 cm:

  • Less mechanical stress due to a proven plush
    washout system that prevents the washing
    away of fine elements
  • UV Lamp exposure
  • Dryer with two drying drawers
  • Easy to use programmable operating panel for
    customizingthe processing times of each

Nyloprint® Combination CW 35 x 50

(for plates up to 350 x 500 mm in size)

Nyloprint® Combination CW 35 x 50

Medium sized unit for plates of maximum size 35 x 50 cm. It is constituted of three independent parts that can be used separately or stacked as a tower:

  • Washer with a special plush and a deck with a
    magnet or an adhesive surface, for plates with
    metallic or plastic base

  • Exposure unit with a powerful vacuum motor
    and special UV-A Lamps for perfect light
    transmission results

  • Dryer with two drying drawers

The same model is available for plate sizes up to 50 x 70 cm.

Nyloprint® 96 x 120 E

(for plates up to 960 x 1200 mm in size)

Nyloprint® 96 x 120 E

High quality light finisher / dryer for Printing Plates up to 96 x 120 cm in size. Equipped with an built-in chilling system for the light transmission deck, which ensuring optimal performance and perfect results.

  • Four drying drawers with individual drying time
    settings and count down facility
  • Fast, simultaneous initiation of all the lamps
  • Operating status indicator for each lamp
  • 10 memory programmes for exposure

Nyloprint® Flowline Washer DWT 90

(for plate width up to 900 mm)

Nyloprint® Flowline Washer DWT 90

  • Flowline system for processing water washable printing plates – washout, rinsing, drying and UV-A post exposure all made automatically in line

  • Direct water supply to reduce the level of contamination in the washout section, thus reducing downtime due to maintenance cleaning

  • Indication of water temperature and control of flowspeed

Achieve astonishing results and fast processing, with an equipment on the edge of technology.