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Industrial Adhesives

  • Packaging Industry - Adhesives for Paper and Carton converting, Adhesives for Side Seaming, for Litholamination, Core-winding and more

  • Tissue and Towel - Adhesives for Ply Lamination in health products

  • Tobacco Industry - Adhesives for Cigarettes tipping and seaming

  • Tapes and Labels - Adhesive for Medical Tapes, Plasters, Fix Applications

Packaging Adhesives

Adhesive for Litholamination

Suitable for Paper and Carton converting operations:

  • Its strong wet tack property reduces potential adhesion failures until dry
  • Contains mineralic additives as penetration retarders
  • Suitable for all normal absorbent, unvarnished paper and carton qualities
  • Lamination of flat or corrugated cardboard to cardboard
  • Elastic and no blocking film

Adhesive for Side Seaming

Suitable for Paper and Board converting operations:

  • Cardboard lamination
  • Glued lap applications
  • Core winding

Apply by wheel or roller coater.
(Compatible with all Folder Gluer machines)

Adhesive for Paper and Carton Converting

Its high mechanical strength is suitable for core-winding applications where high strength is needed.

This adhesive can be used in Paper and Carton converting applications where fast setting and high temperature resistance are required as for Heavy-duty tube-winding and Glued-lap applications.

Adhesives for Tissue and Towel

Adhesive for Ply Lamination

Due to its excellent adhesion, water solubility, re-pulpability and film flexibility, it can be used successfully for paper towel ply-bonding. This adhesive is a polymer complying to requirements of the American Food and Drug Administration regulations 21 CFR 175.105.

Tobacco Adhesives

Adhesives for Cigarettes tipping and seaming

Formulated synthetic emulsion.

Its long open time is also suitable for low speed cigarette production lines.

Adhesives for Tapes and Labels

Adhesive for Medical Tapes, Plasters, Fix Applications

Cytotoxity, Irritation, Sensitivity