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Solvent Washable Photopolymer Plates

Nyloflex® Photopolymer Plates To greatly increase the quality level of your flexo printing, we offer a wide variety of solvent washable Photopolymer Printing Plates, according to the standards and demands of today's industry.

The flexo plates of the Nyloflex® series are under constant developement, in order to be able to guarantee higher printing speeds, combined with the best possible results.

Flexographic Printing Plates - Nyloflex ®

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Plate Type Conventional Digital Plate hardness in Shore A Flexible Packaging Labels Corrugated preprint Corrugated postprint Special Applications Print finishing
nyloflex ACE 62      
nyloflex AFC   62      
nyloflex FAB 62        
nyloflex FAH 60        
nyloflex ACT 50      
nyloflex FAR   50      
nyloflex FAM Digital

nyloflex ART 40    
nyloflex FHC
nyloflex FAC 32        
nyloflex FCC   30        
nyloflex FSC Digital     26        
nyloflex FE   70        
nyloflex Sprint 77        
nyloflex Gold A 62
nyloflex Seal F 36        

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