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Label Printing
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Water Washable Photopolymer Plates

Nyloprint® Photopolymer Plates Turn your print runs into works of art with the Nyloprint® Printing Plates for all Letterpress applications. As varied as the requirements are today, as comprehensive the nyloprint product range is to provide you with every opportunity.

Label printing, Tube, cup and can printing, Pad printing, Security printing, Hot moulding and embossing

Letterpress Printing Plates - Nyloprint ®

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Τύπος Πλάκας Conventional Digital Washout medium Base material Label printing Tubes, cups and cans printing Security printing Pad printing Hot moulding and embossing
nyloprint® WF-H W F
nyloprint® WF-Q W F
nyloprint® WF-M W F
nyloprint® WS W S
nyloprint® WS-S W S
nyloprint® WS-T W S
nyloprint® WS-W W S
nyloprint® WA W A
nyloprint® WSA W S
nyloprint® S A S
nyloprint® ST A S

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