Die cutting cylinders

For printing and labels.


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Die cutting cylinders. For printing and labels.



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Wink is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools for the graphic industry. With the SuperCut flexible dies, you are able to perfectly cut almost any conceivable narrow web printing product – from simple rectangles to multi-layer booklet labels. The SuperCut flexible dies by Wink are produced using state-of-the-art CNC technology. Guaranteed minimum tolerances, maximum durability and therefore optimum cost-effectiveness.


OptiMag Magnetic Cylinders

For perfect label cutting a good die is not enough, magnetic cylinders are just as important and are a necessary part of the label cutting equipment to achieve professional results that will make your work stand out.

The magnetic cylinder produced by Wink stand out for their maximum precision, optimal adhesion and high durability, as all the individual parts of the cutting process must be of excellent quality, in perfect condition and perfectly adjusted.


Anvil cylinders

The anvil cylinders are characterized by their exemplary hardness and running accuracy.  Whether you use a standard, plus or minus cylinder to compensate for a wide range of liners, thanks to its precision and ultra-fine surface condition, every Wink anvil cylinder is a quality tool that guarantees success. Anvil cylinders are available for all standard machine types and special designs are of course also possible.


PowerCut Solid Dies

For many applications in narrow web printing, solid rotary dies continue to be the first choice, such as for cutting very thick labels, cardboard packaging and non woven fabrics.

The PowerCut solid rotary dies have a long life and precision in cutting and are a quality tool that guarantees success in your work. Each cylinder is produced with the latest technology CNC and is tailored exactly to your specific requirements.


Printing Cylinders

The printing cylinders are the basis of every printing machine and therefore their production is done with the utmost care in order to ensure their optimal application. Wink print cylinders are available for most flexographic and letterpress printing machines. It is possible to produce special designs based on mechanical drawings or samples.


Hot stamping cylinders

A wide range of high-precision embossing cylinders are provided for processing your labels and other products. The hot stamping cylinders for gold and silver foils are manufactured with state-of-the art CNC technology, thus ensuring most filigree contours and texts.


Technical Characteristic 1: Τέλειες διαστάσεις και μέγιστη ευελιξία/Perfect dimensions and maximum flexibility Effective & flexible
Technical Characteristic 1: Αποτελεσματική και ευέλικτη σειρά/Efficient and flexible series